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Evidence For and Against God's Existence
Date Added: March 03, 2011 05:49:40 PM | Author: FourSeek Internet Directory | Category: Religion and Philosophy: Opposing Views
God's existence has been in debate for many numbers of years. Atheists say that they never have the interest in God and they swear on non-existence of God in this world. These people are having a too much interest in self-delusion rather than real facts. Hence the chances of self realization is not utmost achieved here and they ignore this without any doubt. On the other hand, the theist insists on existence of God. His presence, his deeds are all true and never end. They also have a great belief on worshipping God wherever He is present irrespective of the place or figure. They say that God is present everywhere and never able to show the place where He is present.

In general, there are several theories in this world to prove the existence of God in this world and also several theories are present to disprove the same. But the fact of existence of God has been running for several million years. There is none in this world to say that they had seen God in naked eye. But these people have told that God has helped him in some way where He was not able to come in person. Some people say there is nothing like that and everything is because of hard work and skills of human beings. Atheists also say that it is foolish to believe in God and it is clever to realize him instead of wasting time on God and His worship. In olden days there are lots of theories in this world to state and prove the existence of God and they also say that it was because of good people who were lived at that time and the present era is completely polluted by impure hearts and minds. Hence God is not coming to this world. However, they fail to prove the presence of God.

Most of the sins which human beings do have been punished by the God in this era and this have been clearly seen in this life. No one can escape from the eyes of the God. Also there is other side where a sinner is surviving in nice condition without any problems till death and this has been visualized by the present generation in this era. Hence the people in general live in dilemma to say the presence of God. Unless and otherwise people see God in their eyes that is in this world would put an end to this discussion and the fact is that God would have come to this world if He is there in this universe and he would not sit quietly seeing the present day issues by keeping mum.