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How to Avoid a Verbal Argument?
Date Added: March 13, 2011 03:43:16 AM | Author: FourSeek Internet Directory | Category: Society and Culture: People
A verbal argument happens when two or more people do not acknowledge the idea of other people. Both sides insist on what they know. Listening is impossible at the moment as each side tries to convince the other side. It becomes disturbing when people involved become aggressive. To avoid this, there are points to remember.

For husband and wife, it is best for one to give in. No matter what your discussions maybe, listening to the other side is a better option. They always say that in a husband-wife relationship, the wife has to win. But winning should not be an issue during arguments. It is the idea suggested by a partner for the benefit of all that matters. For husbands, putting those hands up anyway will not kill you and the more that it will not hurt your ego. It is a gentleman’s way of reminding the wife of rethinking her argument. For wives, it is best to wrap your hand around you husband if he starts to argue with you. Those embrace will stop him to continue arguing with you.

Do not blame others. Sometimes argument starts when we try to point fingers to other people. When they learn you criticize or question their ideas or abilities, they become defensive and start arguing with you. This is especially when you are in a group. Hurting the ego in public is the worst for most people.

Do not start argument yourself whether in a group, with your husband or family members. If there are problems to be resolved, it is always best to talk it calmly with the person involved. This may encourage the other person to explain his side in a calm manner too. If he starts to throw words to you, do not answer it back with harsh words to as this may surely fire up argument. Apply the Christian proverb which says that if they throw you stone, throw then bread and you will not go wrong. If the person you are talking throws harsh words to you, tell them thank you and you will find out they be embarrassed and stop.

To avoid verbal argument is challenging sometimes. It is a test of your patience and vulnerability to it. But if you have the thinking that argument will not do you any good, you will be successful in avoiding it. Rather you will do the opposite that is to be a blessing to others.